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Access to information in Africa

Thanks to the contributions of some African academics and practitioners, this book presents the state of access to information in African countries and addresses its role in the future of African development. The book is divided into three parts. The first part faces theoretical challenges about information access in the African context. The second one comprises 3 thematic studies about the use of qualitative methods to contextualize and interpret statistical data about the access to information, the 2004 Nigerian extractive industry transparency initiative and the role of internet access. Finally, the third part contains 5 regional and country studies (Sudafrica, Uganda, Kenya, Burkina Faso and Nigeria).
Abstract by Victor Hernandez Marti

DIALLO Fatima - CALLAND Richard (editors),

Access to information in Africa: law, culture and practice.
Leiden; Boston: Brill, 2013.

Gli argomenti del libro:
Navigating the Transparency Landscape in Africa; The Right of Access to Information: The State of the Art and the Emerging Theory of Change; The Problem of Access to Information in African Jurisdictions: Constitutionalism, Citizenship, and the Human Rights Discourse; Transparency and Power Relations: Socio-Anthropological Perspectives on the Right of Access to Information; Constitutional Domestication of the Right of Access to Information in Africa: Retrospect and Prospects; Statistics, Indicators and Access to Information in African Countries; The Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative and Corruption in Nigeria: Rethinking the Links between Transparency and Accountability; Towards Realizing the Right of Access to Internet-Based Information in Africa; An Actionable Constitutional Right of ATI: The Case of Southern Africa; The Uganda Freedom of Information Campaign: Stuck in the Mud?; Realizing the Right of Access to Information in kenya: What Should Stakeholders Be on the Lookout for?; The Right to Information in Burkina Faso: An Unfinished Quest; Access to Information and Transparency: Opportunities and Challenges for Nigeria’s FOI Act 2011.

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